InstantPhotoSketch Pro

InstantPhotoSketch Pro 2.2

Straightforward image enhancing tool to produce sketches from photographs

InstantPhotoSketch Pro is an image editing tool specifically designed to create sketch-like drawings out of your favorite photos and other images. Its straightforward approach and its simplicity of use make this tool a simple and rewarding photo editor for all types of users. It offers four types of “photo-to-sketch” effects, with customizable colors, outlines, contours, and black and white levels.

All of these sketch types are equally easy to use. The limited customizable parameters that come with each type are easily applied using convenient sliders. The results of the settings applied appear on your screen in seconds, allowing you to try as many combinations as you wish as many times as needed until you reach the expected result. You can create pen sketches and pencil sketches, either in full color or in black and white. Pencil sketches allow for customized contours either to blur or to clarify their outline, while color sketches support brushes in various sizes. Another type of sketch that you can create with this tool is the “poster” sketch – here the program will use from 2 to 5 colors from the original print to create a comic-like version of it.

You can toggle the image on the screen between the original photo and the sketch, allowing you to perform as many corrections as required and compare both images in no time at all. The image can also be zoomed in or out easily, allowing you both to have an overview of the drawing and to check any part of it in detail. The resulting files will be saved either as a PNG or a JPG image file.

InstantPhotoSketch Pro produces excellent and rewarding results with a minimum of effort. The various sketch types provided, together with the various settings and parameters you can apply to them, add a very interesting level of flexibility to this “photo-to-sketch” app.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Straightforward approach
  • Four sketch types
  • Configurable options
  • Easy to use for all types of users


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